A Team of Passionate Adventurers

The proud Echo 4×4 team is always on hand to assist and engage with you. In addition you can get advice from Willie when he is available in the store. Whether you are looking to purchase or just need information to make the decision before you buy. 

Echo 4x4 is where your adventure begins!

Launched in 1984, Echo 4×4 was one of the pioneers in the outdoor lifestyle products category. Echo 4×4 is now established as a powerhouse in the development of high quality, tough products.  Echo 4×4 products include off road trailers, innovative caravans, conditioned quad trailers and many more products in the 4×4 wheel drive industry.

National Tent & Sails (NTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Echo 4×4, and has the same stringent quality controls and strives to constantly deliver great quality tents and other canvas goods. Both businesses build and market their products throughout Africa, Europe, Australia and other countries across the globe making Echo a highly recognizable name in the off-road market.

Echo 4×4 and NTS are owned by husband and wife, Willie & Rochelle Grobler. They have a dedicated and hardworking force behind them of over 200 employees to guarantee you the highest quality products. Willie, Rochelle and their team have built over 10,000 trailers to date.  They are regarded as leaders in the manufacturer of tough, durable and innovative off road products. Furthermore, the Echo products hold their value even in the second hand market.



Chobe Tec


Kavango Tec

Kavango Xtreme

Namib SX Offroad


Echo 1

Echo 2

Echo 3

Echo 4

Echo 5

Echo 6


Chobe RV Motorhome

RV Motorhome

The premises of Echo 4×4 is a complete lifestyle centre. Customers can relax while deciding on what they would like to purchase.

Come have a coffee or maybe even a lunch with the family while you consider your options on all the products on display.

The well-stocked showroom has all sorts of camping gear and gadgets to make your adventure a memorable one. 

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