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There’s nothing like a good old braai with friends and family. Well, this truly home grown South African stainless steel invention, with design driven by strength and convenience, adds new meaning to the phrase “bring and braai”.

This simple beauty is easily assembled – making our beloved South African braai possible quite literally anywhere (even if you just take it along to show off). Once cooled, you just fold this guy back up, pop it back in the transportable bag and plan your next braai adventure. If you’re a camping enthusiast – this little guy is pretty nifty.

Only the Best

Portable & Reliable

With two different sizes to choose from, ranging in weight from 8kg to 12kg, the Madkon braai is made from 1.2mm stainless steel – making it easily portable and very strong. And when we say strength, we mean tempered steel making the braai stronger every time it’s heated for the braai.

The 600S Braai

Ammo Box Braai

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