Kamp-Mal Marketing Selutions

A Turnkey Mobile Marketing Solution For All Businesses In The Camp, 4x4 And Fishing Industry

The Kamp-Mal App and Social Media Platforms provides your business with a full turnkey marketing solution.


Register Your Business

Register your business on the Kamp-Mal-App

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Not A Typical Static Business Listing!!

You get a full direct marking tool, with your own admin panel. We provide you with your own Website based admin panel to run your interactive Kamp-Mal App listing from. You are essentially getting your own App in a larger Network App, providing you the best of both worlds.

The Kamp-Mal App Combines Brand Visibility and Direct Marketing To Give Your Business a Full exposure

Direct marketing via the Kamp-Mal App

  • The Kamp-Mal App is not a static yellow pages listing, YOU have your own admin panel to engage your clients at least twice a month via the App to have an effective direct marketing channel.
  • Get your clients to “Like” your business on the App, and all posts (Special, Product Uploads, Events, Articles, Loyalty programs) are sent to them in real time, the moment its been uploaded on the App.

FREE Brand Visibility on Facebook

  • Our 2 Facebook pages with over 180 000 followers in specific Camping, 4x4 and Fishing, gives your brand exceptional visibility.
  • With an average of over 300 000 Post, Comments and Reactions each month, your business will enjoy Brand visibility like never before.

What You Will Get With Your Kamp-Mal-App Listing

Your Own Mobile App Space Whith Marketing Options and Direct Clientele Communication via Mobile and Web Push Notifications.

The following buttons are availble in your Interactive Kamp-Mal-App listing


Contact Numbers

Up to 10 contacts can be uploaded, each with their own:

  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • Photo
Direct Navigation

A Navigation button will bring mobile users directly to your shop or event.

Upload Specials

Upload unlimited specials, your “Like” clients will get a direct message and all other Apps users will be able to see it and share it.

Loyalty Program

The App offers you 2 loyalty options, one with a number of stamps, or amount spent. Once reach, Users can claim loyalty price.

Website Links

Up to 10 website links can be added for easy reference to your services or products.

Share Button

Users can share your Business, Events, Specials, and Products with just 2 clicks to all their social media friends. Saving you thousands on flyers and SMS spend.

Upload Events

Upload unlimited Events, your “Like” clients will get a direct message and all other Apps users will be able to see it and share it.

Business Chatroom

You can create a private or open chatroom, to allow clients to communicate about your business with each other. Perfect for teams or smalle groups/units/clubs

Document Links

Up to 10 document links can be added for easy reference to documents clients my need.

Private Rating

a Rating button that will only tell you and the App owner about any good or bad ratings. This you can use to see if there are problems or clients are happy with your service.

Upload Products

Upload unlimited products, your “Like” clients will get a direct message and all other Apps users will be able to see it and share it.

Call Me Back

a Call me Back button allows App users for a call back from your business. This is perfect for shows/events, where users can just download the App, Like your business and ask you to call them back after the show.

Photo Links

Up to 10 photos can be uploaded with an URL link to where clients can see even more.

Direct Marketing

Send unlimited messages directly to all your “Like” clients mobiles 24/7/365

Upload Articles

Upload unlimited Articles, your “Like” clients will get a direct message and all other Apps users will be able to see it and share it.

FREE Facebook
  • When you have posted on Facebook,  YOU need to monitor comments and provide feedback.
  • If you don’t have time for this, we recommend taking the Full Turkey Solution, as this is where you will make or break your business.
  • When you move into the social media marketing space, you need to be actively involved or you can damage your Brand and lose clients.
  • You can Boost your posts on the group as well, by pressing the Boost button, this is an added Facebook marketing function you can use.

Don’t have time to run your own Social Media or Interactive Kamp-Mal-App listing, No Problem, We Can Help.

(Your social media done for you and even more visibility on the Kamp-Mal-Website when you make use of our Admin team to run your Social Media and Kamp-Mal-App listing for you)

Facebook Advance
  • The Kamp-Mal admin team will post 2 of your Business Info, Specials, Events or Articles on your behalf on the 2 Kamp-Mal Facebook pages.
  • They will also monitor the post they made for any leads and notify you to engage with possible clients.
  • They will also send leads in your direction from general descussions they can see involves your product, service or brand.
Your App Admin
  • Our admin team will post 2 specials, events, articles or new products on your behalf on your App admin platform.
  • Your full social media is therefore taken care of via Facebook and App postings.
Business Write-Up
  • You get 2 write-up’s per year, that is posted on the Kamp-Mal Website Business blog pages.
  • These pages are very active, and some clients have reached more than 3000 views in only 6 months.
  • You also get a link to this write-up on your Kamp-Mal-App listing.
More Visibility
  • Your write-up’s are also mentioned in our Monthly highlights mail that is going out to members, for even more visibility of your brand, specials, events or services.

PS: If you don’t have time for Social media Postings AND MONITORING, please consider our Advance Marketing Solution for only R550 MORE per month. We do all the hard work for you, and you get more exposure under the write-up sections as well.

After You Have Registerd, You Will Be Re-derected To Choose the payment option that suits your business the best.

Please note that Kamp-Mal is not yet VAT registered and are all prices excluding VAT.

DIY – Monthly

For R450 p/m

DIY – Annually

For R4,500 p/a

Advance Option – Monthly

For R1,000 p/m

Advance Option – Annually

For R10,000 p/a

PS: Please note that a basic Website and Facebook search will be done to confirm your business is a legit business. We may mail you requiring more detail if we could not find any acceptable proof of your business online. Final Approval to advertise rest with the Kamp-Mal Admin team.

Register Your Business

Register your business on the Kamp-Mal-App

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