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Eye-catching and incredibly durable. The Stealth Evolution XR6 represents a revolutionary new era for caravanning in South Africa. Addressing the drawbacks of many current products in the market. This mid-market 220-volt caravan, literally, breaks the mould with its innovative design and manufacturing process.

Innovation at its best

– The Evolution XR6 –

After conducting extensive research into global caravanning trends, attending trade shows in Australia and Europe, and speaking directly to customers and dealers; Stealth Caravans identified the key areas that would inform the Evolution’s design ethos.

With a focus on superior construction and materials, the Evolution eliminates the use of wood entirely in the side wall structure using imported fiberglass and Styrofoam from Europe, resulting in a robust yet light-weight design impervious to water ingress and rot. Where timber is used in the roof structure and roof surround only the best quality marine ply is used and by nature of its design cannot be exposed to water in any way.

The floor structure is a one piece laminated ply wood floor with the outer layer that is exposed to the elements being a WISA Birch ply which is bonded with weather resistant gluing according to EN 314- 2/class 3 Exterior ply. This is further coated with a water impervious underfloor paint to prevent any water ingress.

Stealth is a brand of Profibre Products, this next-generation caravan is backed by more than 28 years’ manufacturing experience 10 of which were manufacturing caravan bodies for other manufacturers, guaranteeing superior workmanship that’s supported by an extensive dealer network.

To back our superior product and showing our confidence in the design we will offer a 1 year general warranty as well as a 3 year water ingress and wood rot warranty subject to the caravan being serviced annually by an authorised dealer.

Key Features

  • From hitch to tail, fits the length of a standard garage.
  • Fits the height of a standard garage.
  • Interior size: 8.5m2.
  • 2mm hot-dipped galvanized duplex steel chassis, 3X stronger than mild steel.
  • Reinforced axle-mounting system designed for harsh road conditions.
  • Imported 2mm reinforced, white exterior fibreglass; 23mm high-density RTM-X Styrofoam core; and a 1.2mm interior fibreglass skin forming a timber-less wall structure that eliminates wood rot.
  • Interior soft-look textured fibreglass front, with easy to clean and water-resistant ceiling and rear panels.
  • Flush-mounted aluminium windows with 4mm automotive SABS safety glass.
  • 12 Volt interior and exterior LED lights.
  • Multi-function exterior lights with three settings: white, amber and party mode.
  • Unique under-bed, double draw units for camping storage.
  • 1-year general warranty plus a 3-year water ingress and wood rot warranty, subject to annual servicing by authorised agents.


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